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2 Teens Honored For Saving The Life Of A Puppy Abandoned In The Woods

2 Teens Honored For Saving The Life Of A Puppy Abandoned In The Woods

13-year-old Sam Rice and 14-year-old Brady Thebeau were recognized by the Leicester, MA Police Department this week for rescuing a Pit Bull puppy abandoned in the woods. The dog was left in a plastic crate with a bag of dry food and a single can of wet food. After a logger located him, young Sam and Brady took it upon themselves to bring the pup home, bathe him, wash his crate and feed him. The boys have named their new pal Brad – as in Brad Pitt!

Sam and Brady were riding their bikes and enjoying the summer weather on the afternoon of July 4 when they came across Brad. The logger had released the 3 – 5 month old pup from his crate and tied his leash in a shady spot closer to the road.

Sam told reporters during Wednesday’s press conference that Brad was whimpering and straining to reach them. The dog and the crate were covered in feces.

“He seemed like he hadn’t had attention in a long time,” Brady said. “That’s what brought our attention to him, to give him some love and attention, so he could get well again.”

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After tending to the puppy’s needs, the boys contacted Animal Control. His case is currently under investigation and police intend to pursue animal cruelty charges when the person who abandoned Brad is located. The Leicester Police Department and Leicester Animal Control are offering a $500 reward for information leading to a conviction.

Leicester Police Chief Jim Hurley personally thanked Sam and Brady during the press conference. He presented each of them with a certificate of excellence for their kind and generous actions.

“Obviously if you two individuals had not taken action, this dog might not have survived, so thank you for being the good citizens that you are,” Hurley said.

Sam and Brady expressed their desire to keep Brad as their own, but both boys’ families already have dogs. Luckily, the Leicester PD have been “completely overwhelmed” with offers to adopt the sweet pup!

“We hope this dog finds a great home,” Brady said. “I hope they have joy and love throughout this dog’s life.”

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Anyone with information on how Brad came to be abandoned in the woods is asked to contact the Leicester Police Department using any of the following:

• Crime Tip Hotline ….. (508) 892-7010 and select option #7

• Det. Tim Fontaine at (508) 892-7010 ext.# 2016 or via e-mail at fontainet@leicesterpd.org

• E-mail your tip from the LPD website


H/T & Featured Image via MassLive

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