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Do You Know a Dog Who Needs Help?

Dogs are social animals and thus there is every chance that they suffer from disorders and syndromes. As social animals, dogs and puppies are highly loyal to their masters and can easily fall prey to dog separation anxiety. Dog separation anxiety refers to one of the situations wherein a dog behaves in an utmost absurd way. Separation anxiety is that situation where a dog barks, whines and cries inappropriately during the absence of their masters. In other words one can describe separation anxiety as one wherein a dog doesn’t want to be separated from his master. It is a dreadful condition because a dog expresses his loneliness in the most destructible manner, like he jumps on visitors, destroys the home interior and what not.
Dog Separation Anxiety Do You Know a Dog Who Needs Help

It becomes highly important for one to get out of the problem because this anxiety syndrome can even have a bad effect on the mental intelligence of your dog. People worldwide are searching for the ways to cure the syndrome, i.e. separation anxiety cures. It is up to an owner to find an appropriate treatment for their dog. There are many remedies and tips that can help cure separation anxiety, some of the remedies and tips one can follow for an effective separation anxiety cure are:

• Get rid of your dog’s excess energy: An efficient separation anxiety cure is helping your dog to get rid of the excess energy he has. Arrange play dates with your dog and put him through exercises that can soak in his excess energy effectively.

Once all energy is exhausted out of your dog, leave him alone for a few hours and to your surprise the dog won’t even tend to stop you because the energy he had was all exhausted. Repeat this for days and weeks and you will notice that your pup will be relieved of the anxiety issue.

• Obedience sessions and agility training: Obedience sessions together with agility training can help your dog get to the basic behavior correctly. Play games with the dog, praise him and pat him often but not too much. A short session on obedience lessons can help your dog follow your instructions correctly.

• Dogs, as a social animal, want to feel safe, thus it is important to provide an area exclusively for the dog, like a crate or some other place. The master’s first step is to make their dog used to the new place. This will lead to an efficient formulation of separation anxiety therapy.

• Whenever you come home after work, do not just run to your dog, in fact just ignore him for a while, this will help build a relationship with your dog and also conquer his destructive behavior.

• Do not over react when you leave for work or come back home. Doing so can elevate the anxiety levels of your dog a great deal. It always helps to mislead your dog and give him the impression like you never left, this will get rid of his separation anxiety soon.

There are many other ways to help your dog but you need to learn them yourself. If you care about the mental health of your dog, then go and look for remedies to treat him.

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