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24 Places French Bulldogs Don’t Belong

These frenchies think that just because they’re cute, they can go wherever they want. Well, guess what, little buddies? You’re absolutely wrong!!

French Bulldog The cretaceous period:


Draped over your other dog:


Dog piloting your flight:


Dog standing on one foot:


French Bulldog invading the dishwasher:


French Bulldog on top of this horse:


Dog Hovering in mid-air:


French Bulldog Passed out in your sink:


French Bulldog Hogging all the pillows:


The beach, apparently:


French Bulldog Despicable Me film:


Or the next ‘Ghostbusters’ film:


Dog Inside this seal costume:


French Bulldog Upside down:


French Bulldog Under this fashionable hat/wig combo:


Frenchie Trick or treating:


On top of another, non-consenting frenchie:


Dog – Your garden:


Third grade:


Out spending your money:


Under your false eyelashes:


In your Sunday’s best:


Chilling in this swing:



(via pleated-jeans)

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