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Little cute boxer puppy

This is very funny video of cute boxer puppy who couldn’t take the medicine.

He likes the young baby who refused to take his medicine. He remembers me our refusal during our illness. We fear from the illness and also scared from injection and the bitterness of the medicine taste. This cute boxer puppy in the attached video is of boxer type. The boxer’s head is harmony with the body. The nozzle is short and tough. The nose is black and big. Their eyes usually are in dark brown. Their ears are thin, falling forward; also they are very near or close to the head. They have muscular, strong and round neck. You can observe their muscular and straight legs. Noticing the parallelism from the front legs. The tail is docked, long, and high.

They have smooth short, and close-fitting and shiny coat. They exist in various colors including; brindle, tan, fawn, black and the white color is very preferred for most breeders. His building structure helps him during the running. He could run for long distance because of strength and muscled legs. they are known for some amazing characteristic including; agility, inquisitive, affectionate, power, playful, exuberant, curious, happiness, have high spirit, intelligent, competitive, energetic, alert, obedient, shiny spirit, loyal, attentive, demonstrative, devoted social, and kind. They have great enthusiasm for learn more and new things. They love to receive mental and physical training according to specific programs. it is amazing to know that the boxer dog is lovely and social for the family and friends, in addition to the dogs and other pets.

They devoted to other pets like; cats, chickens, ducks, birds, and rodents. Boxer dog is very social as we mentioned before, so you need to teach him to be quite, calm and cute with the strangers people and not jump at them to play or even to attack them. You know that not all people love or have the ability to deal with the pets or dogs, so it is very important point you have to care.
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