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Meet rescue dog Marnie the lopsided Shih Tzu

Marnie the dog was once known as ‘Stinky,’ Shih Tzu and lived a harsh life on the streets of Connecticut.

But her life changed dramatically for the better when the lovable dog was adopted.

So much for the better, in fact, that the Shih Tzu is now one of the most popular dogs on Instagram and and has more than 134,000 followers.

Marnie also has notable Instagram photos with ‘friends’ such as actor Jonah Hill and pop star Miley Cyrus – Not bad for a dog who once had 14 decaying teeth removed and was diagnosed as being blind in one eye.

Owner Shirley Braha has wrote a biography of Marnie’s life on social networking website Tumblr and it makes for an interesting read.

Marnie was found by Animal Control in August 2012 on the streets of Connecticut with matted and smelly fur.

The scruffy looking Shih Tzu was moved to a shelter and named Stinky, before being adopted as a result of a petfinder post.

Stinky took a train with her new adopted owner Ms Braha down to her new home in New York City and she stunk out the entire train.

She was later renamed as Marnie after musician Marnie Stern and shortly afterwards she had 14 decaying teeth removed and started smelling much nicer.

Marnie’s left eye was so gray and cloudy that her new owner was told she would never see again from that eye.

On her Tumblr page about Marnie’s owner Ms Braha, an MTV producer and director says the dog’s long tongue is often a source of bemusement and intrigue.

She writes: ‘The reality is Marnie just has a long tongue, and has always had a long tongue, and its awesome, and she licks it every few minutes to keep it from getting too dry, and when it’s snowing she puts her tongue back in.’

Another unique physical feature Marnie has is a head tilt which a senior veterinarian said was not a major concern and may have occurred as a result of a previous brief illness called Vestibular Syndrome.

Ms Braha says despite her difficult start in life once Marnie became more comfortable in her new home and gained confidence, her personality began to shine through.

Thankfully soon after she was adopted Marnie’s left eye began to improve and she is now able to see again.

The 12 year-old dog’s favourite things are long walks, exploring, sleeping, chicken, broccoli, Greek yogurt, watermelon eggs and parties.

Her owner says the only thing Marnie dislikes is being left alone as she becomes anxious.

Apart from an occasional bout of anxiousness Marnie is very happy and grateful dog.

Ms Braha says: ‘Senior rescue dogs are known for being especially grateful and loyal to their new owners for giving them a second chance on life, and Marnie lives every day exemplifying this joy and gratitude.’

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