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My Dog Wont Stop Whining! What should I do?

Are you a dog owner that is upset because your canine companion whines all the time? Are you scared that your adorable pup may be ill, or that something serious could be wrong? When your pup does whine, do you get mad at her for such irrational behaviour?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, the first thing to know is that you are not alone. Dogs that whine incessantly is one of the most common complaints of dog owners the world over!


The second thing to know is that getting upset or getting mad at your friend (however justified you feel in doing this) is unlikely to have a positive impact on the situation.

How to Stop my dog WhiningThere is a possibility that if your pup whines a lot it might be sick or injured. But this is only a possibility! It may also mean that your dog is sad, depressed or scared. Just like humans, dogs also have feelings. You may want to do some investigation to find out the real reason for your dog’s behaviour before starting a course of medication or other extreme treatment.

Remember that dogs cannot talk. They can communicate their feelings only by barking or whining. That’s the only communication methods they have available to them. When a dog whines, this means that your dog has a problem or needs something. First and foremost examine your dog thoroughly to check if there is any medical problem. A dog can indicate pain only by whining.

If there is no medical problem then you would need to take a step further in order to investigate why your dog whines so much. Another reason could be boredom. Dogs are very active and intelligent animals. A dog that is lazy might be a dog with a problem.

Normally, a dog whines in order to indicate that it is getting bored and it needs some kind of stimulation. You must keep your dog busy for as long as a possible. Taking your dog to obedience training, or undertaking your own training with your dog, will help to keep its mind and body active and stem most issues.

Even a simple “Stay” command would be sufficient to keep your dogs mind out of boredom. This would make the dog feel that it is doing something important for its master. This simple trick might be sufficient to keep dog from whining in your home.

A few more reasons that may trigger dog whines are fear, bossy attitude of your dog or having a dog with a demanding nature. In such situations you must use efficient parenting skills to teach your dog good habits. Remember that a well trained dog should whine only when it is sick or in trouble. If your dog whines frequently then it will be difficult for you to know when they are truly in trouble, and this could lead to disaster.

Another common reason is that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. This is a very common, but often misunderstood, clinical disorder that leads to dogs whining, crying and tearing your home apart when you are away.

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