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Rescue Your Dog

Is your dog showing behavioral changes like barking, whining, and crying all the time? If the answer to the question is a yes, then your dog is suffering from dog separation anxiety. It refers to a situation wherein your dog starts behaving in an altogether weird fashion sensing your absence. These anxiety problems with dogs occur when they are really close to their owners. The usual time of occurrence of this anxiety syndrome is when you tend to spend more time with your dog than you do with the rest of the world, like during vacation, maternity leaves and so on. People have complained that their dogs get exited and transform in to a destroyer when sensing their absence.
Train Your Dog

What are the symptoms of dogs separation anxiety?:
Dogs and puppies that usually fall victim of this syndrome tend to show behavioral changes which may even have a brutal effect on their mental health. Some of the other symptoms include barking at visitors, whining and crying at inappropriate times of the day for no reason, dogs become restless and jumps, spins sensing your absence. People have also complained that their dogs become more aggressive and tend to destroy everything when they are not at home.

Dog separation anxiety is the worst disorder as far as their mental health is concerned. As a loving owner it is of primary importance that you get your dog out of this trouble and restore his mental health. There are no of ways you can make a difference. Over the years many anxiety separation cures have been unearthed and it is up to you what remedies you can follow. Mentioned below are some of the techniques one can follow:

1. Ignore your dog: Ignore your dog when you come home after work instead of rushing in to him straight, ignoring the dog for a considerable time everyday will help the dog control his emotions and in a way, reduces anxiety.

2. Tire your dog: Researches have said that a tired dog is calmer than an active one. Look for the ways to get your dog tired like workouts, exercises and physical training. A tired dog definitely needs some time to snooze.

3. Medical attention: You may also consult a animal specialist to get rid of the situation.

4. Training: Hire a dog trainer and get your dog trained for behavioral developments and physical change. Most people undertake crate training for their dogs which helps the dog to get use to a place and overcome separation anxiety.

5. Usually separation anxiety is the result of insecurity in dogs as regards their owners. Dogs are social animals and thus require a lot of attention but if the owners provide them with more than required love and affection they will get use to it and can easily fall a prey to dog separation anxiety. Owners are thus advised not to express too much love.

Therefore, it can be stated from above that, separation anxiety can occur in normal a course of time but an owner should unearth the ways to treat their dogs of this problem.

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