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Senior Pup Wrapped in Trash Bag And Thrown On The Road From A Black SUV

What the heck is wrong with the world, who can ever think that you can get rid of your dog by treating him like trash and throwing him away!!

I can’t imagine what goes on in a person’s mind that makes him throw a dog in the trash, how can he/she even be considered human when they do that to a powerless, helpless animal!

Luckily, angels are always around the corner to take care of our beloved dogs, only god knows what would’ve happened to this poor dog is this little angel weren’t there to rescue him.

The story happened when Twelve-year-old Malory Steiner was walking home with her mother, when a dark colored SUV passed through them and threw a black trash bag on the road and fled away, it wasn’t a usual scene, so it got the attention of the little girl, which was shocked moments later when the bag started moving and walking down the road.

She rushed to the bag and opened it, and couldn’t believe what she found.


Inside there was a senior pup, he couldn’t walk and looked seriously sick and injured, they immediately called the authorities, then the pup was taken to the Vet, where it was found that his tail had been broken when he was tossed from the SUV onto the road.


No one could identify the owners – or as I call them, Criminals -and the authorities are looking for the owners,as for the pup,he is now in safe hands, as he’s now being taken care of by Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue.


It appears the dog had been neglected and possibly abused for a long time, before they finally decided to get rid of him, and when they did, they didn’t even call a rescue group to pick up the dog or sent him to a shelter, the did the evilest thing they could think of, put him in a trash bag, and throw him away, possibly the cruelest way they could think of.

for more on the story you can check the video below.

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