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Purin is unstoppable!
We first wrote about the nine-year-old Beagle during the 2014 World Cup, when she impressed us with her goalie skills. Well, since then, the tough little girl has been using that tenacious Beagle work ethic to perfect her game. Perhaps she was inspired by the triumph of the American team in Women’s World Cup earlier this year?
She may not be able to join the women’s World Cup team, BUT she’s already shattering records her own way. Recently she broke (her own) world record by catching 14 mini soccer balls with her paws.
She had broken the record last year by catching 11 balls. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Purin also holds the record for fastest 10 meters travelled by a dog while balancing on a ball (11.9 seconds).
See her in action here: