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Survival Story: Pit Bull Who Once Lost His Nose Is Now The World’s Happiest Dog

On January 21, 2015, Brittany Faske received a disturbing phone call. A worker at a construction landfill in Houston, Texas, had spotted an injured pit bull with what looked like half his face missing. The dog hid in the bushes, not letting anyone get near him.

Faske, who is a volunteer for ADORE (All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise of Houston), rushed to the scene. When she found the pit bull sitting near a ditch among fast food bags and old tires, she could see he was in worse shape than she initially had in mind.

At best, she thought she could help end his suffering!

This once gorgeous, large dog had been reduced to almost nothing – Said Faske

Along with the poor dog’s injuries, the dog’s ribs, hip bones, and backbone were all clearly visible under his skin. He was covered in dirt and he was also too weak to even run.

As Faske inched closer, the pit bull gave a warning growl. This didn’t alarm her — she expected it after what he’d been through. But the dog let Faske get close enough to inspect his injuries more closely.

Most of the big dog’s nose and snout were totally gone, and what was left dangled in front of his face.

Faske was pretty much sure that a person had done this.

perhaps the same person who had placed the gray collar around the pit bull’s neck, and presumably dumped the dog near the landfill.

“The cut was so clean and even, it could have only happened with a sharp instrument,” Faske explains. “It was as if someone had literally taken a knife and cut off the front of his face.”

Besides the gruesome appearance of the injuries, there was the smell. A strong stench told Faske infection had set in.

After a little bit of coaxing, Faske managed to slip a lead over the pit bull’s head.

They named him Apollo, after the mythical god of healing and medicine.

Immediately, you could see his body go limp. It was as if he knew he was safe – Says Faske

She loaded Apollo into her car and drove him straight to the vet. This poor dog would have been in an extraordinary amount of pain, but Apollo actually relaxed in the car, and even fell asleep.

Apollo wasn’t out of the woods yet!

He needed urgent medical attention and Faske wasn’t sure he’d make it. But when he arrived at the et, Apollo trotted around the waiting area, sniffing people and interacting with the other dogs around him.

Besides his facial injuries, Apollo tested positive for heartworm, a condition that occurs when parasitic roundworms migrate through a dog’s tissues into his heart. When untreated, heartworm leads to death.

Faske and the veterinarian placed food and water in front of the up to see what kind of quality of life he’d have. If he ate, they thought he might have a chance.

Without hesitation, Apollo gobbled two bowls of food and lapped water. Then Apollo walked up to Faske, and laid his head on her leg. “From that moment on, we knew he wasn’t just another dog,” she says.