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How to Stop Dog Jumping on Guests

Stop a Dog from Jumping Step by step

How can you tell if your dog is the pack leader? It’s simple: if your dog jumps on you when you arrive home, she is the pack leader. If your dog jumps on your guests, she is making sure that these new arrivals also know she is in charge. What can you do to stop this hyper dog problem behavior? ...

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How to Train Your Dog Like a Pro

Free dog training

The toughest question that faces every newbie dog owner is how to train a dog to be obedient and well behaved. Most people love dogs, but hesitate on owning one as a pet because they fear that they might not be able to train their pup properly or may have to hire an experienced pet trainer for this purpose which ...

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Rescue Your Dog

Train Your Dog

Is your dog showing behavioral changes like barking, whining, and crying all the time? If the answer to the question is a yes, then your dog is suffering from dog separation anxiety. It refers to a situation wherein your dog starts behaving in an altogether weird fashion sensing your absence. These anxiety problems with dogs occur when they are really ...

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Dog Training And Socialization

Dog free Training tips

It is fun to keep a pet at home but it also calls for a couple of obligations to fulfill. Take note that what your dog does is always out of habit. Thus, if you tolerate his bad habits, he will not be able to outgrow them. It will be you who will suffer in the end. So, it is ...

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