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Top dogs in New York

Top Dogs New York

5. Golden Retriever 4. German Shepherd Dog 3. Labrador Retriever 2. Bulldog 1. French Bulldog In the Big Apple, Frenchies took the first spot over last year’s popular Bulldog. Although not in the overall top five, several breeds led the pack in certain neighborhoods of NYC. For instance, the Italian Greyhound was the most popular breed in Washington Heights, the ...

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Dog Friendly New York

Online news magazine The Concourse consulted a list of the city’s more than 65,000 dogs registered with the New York City Department of Health and Hygiene to find out the Big Apple’s most dog names. “Carrie Bradpaw” and “Samantha Bones” DID NOT make the cut. But here’s what did: Top 10 Names Max Bella Rocky Coco Lucky Charlie Lola Buddy Lucy Daisy Hmmmm. ...

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