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The Coolest Five Halloween Costumes For Your Dog That YOU Can Make

It’s time for Halloween, and you can’t have Halloween without costumes!

It’s time for Halloween, the time of the year where children -and sometimes adults too- go around wearing scary – or just really weird-costumes, and somehow those costumes give them some kind of right to claim our treats, anyway, what would you feel if you’re the only child in the family that doesn’t get a Halloween costume? Bad, right? That’s how your dog would feel if you didn’t make him a Halloween costume!

And isn’t things just much more fun when we make them ourselves -and also much cheaper!- ?

So, let’s see some cool but simple ideas for a DIY Halloween Costume for your dog!

1- The Ghost Dog


We like this for a very simple reason, it’s the simplest!

What you need : A white, twin size sheet, a black marking pen, needle, a thread and a length of elastic.

First, arrange the sheet over your dog so that it falls evenly all around him. Then pint the posts which hand past his feet so that you know where to cut. You would want the sheet length to be just above his feet so that she/he won’t trip over the edges. Then you use your marking pen to mark the spots of his eyes, his ears and snouts. Now you know where you are going to cut. Now you make a mark at the spot where your dog’s neck is, to know where to attach the elastic. The elastic helps preventing the sheet from sliding over your dog as he’s walking around. Once you have all the marks you need, take the sheet off and start cutting the holes for the ears, eyes and nose, and nose. Make sure the holes are neither too big or too small, just big enough for your dog to see through them clearly.

Then you cut the edges of the sheet so that his feet will be free of any excess fabric. After that you attach the elastic to the inside of the fabric at the neck spot you marked earlier, this works as a neckband and will hold the fabric into the head and body.

2- Dog Mummy Costume ( In A Sensible way)


Please, oh please, don’t go crazy with a roll of cotton gauze and just wrap your dog’s body with it. This is the nonsense way of doing this, and it’s really not the way to go for it.

Here’s a sensible way to do this, get a white hoodie jacket. arrange the gauze bandages horizontally across the back of the jacket and fix it in place using a sewing thread, or using a non-toxic fabric glue. You can make the back legs with few stitches. Wrap the bottom corners of the jacket’s sides around the dog’s back legs to get the circumference and then make a few quick stitches toward the bottom of the leg. This will leave the bottom of your dog free so that he/she will be able to, you know, do its business.

3- The Harry Potter Costume for Dog


Okay, for all the fans of the magic world out there, that’s for you!

This is going to be a little harder, but you can totally do it. Let’s begin with what you will need: Black Fabric,Deep Purple Fabric, Maroon Fabric, Gold or Yellow Ribbon, Grey Sweater [or Shirt], White Collared Shirt, Felt in Black, White, Red, and Gold, Black Pipe Cleaners, Fabric Adhesive, Iron on Adhesive, Sewing Needle, Grey Thread, Black Thread, Velcro and finally, a Black Marker

Let’s take it one step at a time:

1- The tie

If you don’t have a tie you can use, then you can make your own. Get a piece of maroon colored fabric that’s  7” x 2”. Hem on both sides for creating a skinnier tie that has finished edges. Adhere gold colored ribbon to the piece with iron on adhesive, then you Fold the pieces to the back and use iron on adhesive to adhere them.

2-The Windsor Knot look:

Start by cutting a piece from the strip that’s about 4” long, then Wrap it around the top of the tie piece and glue using fabric adhesive. Fold the top down then adhere with fabric adhesive.

3- Trimming the blouse
Trim your white blouse or collared shirt so that you have just a small front piece, then you can Sew one side of it into the sweater piece . Add your tie sing either fabric adhesive or stitches. After that you sew completely around the whole front piece. You can either hand stitch this piece or you could machine sew as well.
4- Finish the inside piece

Now finish by adding Velcro to the back of the sweater. Whether you go for iron on or sew on Velcro, both would work perfectly. Now your inside piece is done!

5- The Cape

Start by figuring out where you want the cape to lie exactly, then measure your dog from front leg over their back to front leg ( where you probably want the cape to lie). Measure from neck to tail length, and then you add 2 inches for all of those measurements ( for the black fabric), Then you go one sewing hem on the four sides, giving it a finished edge.

you can make the ties for your cape by simply cutting two pieces of black fabric 2 ½“ x 12” and then hemming the strips to 1”.

Trim loosely around the shape you wish to cut first and pin to the appropriate color of felt.

6- The Hood

First you decide how  proportionate to the cape  you need or want it to be. Then you cut a piece of black and deep purple fabric to the determined size. Now you continue by putting the two pieces together with the wrong sides also together and pin on the two short sides and one width. Finish by Sewing on the three sides, turning right side out, folding a 1″ hem and then attaching it to the cape pins. Don’t forget to attach by sewing.

Now using sharp scissors, cut along the black line. Do this for all the pieces and then Glue pieces together with fabric adhesive  and  Attach them to one side of the cape.Finally, if you want a nice touch to the project, you can make eye wear using just few black pipe cleaners. Shape the circles with the use of a normal drinking glass and leave a little end piece if you wish. Attach the ends together in the center in order to join the circles and then add the band that goes around your dog’s head.

And Now you’re done!

4- The Dog Zilla Costume


This one is definitely easier than the last one, but it looks just as cool.

All you’ll need for this one is an old Green shirt ( you probably have one lying around somewhere), some Foam sheets and of course, a needle and a thread

First, the diamond shapes: Cut them from the foam sheet, make the middle spike the largest one so that on each of the smaller ones you simply trace the ones you cut before. You can use a double layer for the spikes, just make sure you cut enough that each spike will end up having two matching layers. The double layers are important for when we  attach the spikes to the shirt.

Then you sew the layers together.  After that you line the spikes along the back of the shirt and cut a slit in it for the smallest end of each spike. Line all of them up on the shirt to draw the line where you’ll need to make all the cuts.

Now slip the foam spike into the slit and sew each flap to the opposite sides of the inside of the shirt.  And that’s it!

5- The Lion Dog

The lion dog costume
Okay, now this one might not work for all dogs, but when it does, it looks AWESOME!
What you will need is :  a Wolfman Mask, an Elastic band, a Piece of Velcro, an Extra Collar, needle and thread, Knife and/or Scissors and if you want, a rubber band

You can get the wolfman mask for about $10 at Target.

Okay, get the knife and unstich the hair from the mask, then sew the collar to the lion mane ( sew them), then you attach the velcro under the neck to keep the lions mane closed around your dog’s neck area, and the final touch it to attach the elastic high up the Velcro and just under the chin. If you want to, you can attach one piece of hair to the dog’s tail using the rubber band, and that’s it.

There are many more awesome ideas out there, if you have one and would like to share, tell us in a comment (with details) and we’ll share it!
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