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The Ultra-Critical Thing All Dog Parents Should Do With Their Pup’s Toys

The Ultra-Critical Thing All Dog Parents Should Do With Their Pup’s Toys

Pup parents know that mental stimulation is crucial for their dog’s overall health and well-being, as is being physically active.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution for both these things: playing with toys!

The Wunderball is fun to chew and chase, and it bounces erratically.


Most dogs love toys, and some may even have a favorite. But after awhile, you may notice that your pup gets a little bored of the same pile of playthings. And as many pup parents know, boredom can lead to destruction, depression, and even weight problems in dogs.

In order to keep your canine happily entertained, it’s important to rotate their toys. You can hide most of their toy stash except for a few, then after a week, put those away and pull out some others – your dog will play as if they’re brand new!

This simple trick will help keep your dog busier, happier, and ultimately, happier.

The Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Bone helps clean your dog’s teeth and freshen her breath while she chews.


Of course, you should get Fido a new toy or two every so often. Discovering new items is exciting, and they always appreciate the gifts you give them. Plus, old toys should be tossed if they start to break or fray, for safety and hygienic reasons.

This Elephant Squeaky Toy is fun to cuddle, fetch, and tug.


If you’re looking for stimulating toys that also help shelter pets, check out our iHeartDogs toys by Project Play. Each purchase provides a toy for a shelter pet through Project Play. This encourages playfulness and makes them more likely to get adopted!

From brushing bones to stuffies to the chewy, bouncy Wunderball, add these fun playthings to your pup’s toy rotation to keep him mentally and physically stimulated. There’s even a treat dispensing ball that will intrigue your pup every time you put a new snack inside!

Your canine will get creative as he tries to release treats from the Brain Ball.


Play is not only fun, it’s a fundamental part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. Encourage physical and mental activity by keeping your pup’s toys interesting!

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