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Training Your Dog – Jumping On People

Dogs like to jump up on people and there are some dog owners who actually encourage this kind of behavior. This is wrong as they should keep in mind that not everyone likes dogs and that their dog should not jump up on everyone that they encounter. Even though they are cute when they are still puppies, it can really pose a problem as they become full grown dogs.

Training your Dog to stop Jumping On PeopleThe problem with this is as the dog gets older, they weigh more. The more the dogs weigh, the more dangerous jumping on people can be. Since there are lots of people that don‘t like dogs, they will not appreciate one jumping on them and possibly knocking them down.

If it‘s a small child, it‘s even worse. The child could be seriously injured due to the weight of the dog. Also, the dog owner could be in serious trouble, regardless if it‘s their child or not that got hurt.

Whether it‘s an adult or a child, you could find yourself with a lawsuit if you have not trained your dog properly.

The best time to teach him not to jump on other people is when the dog is still young and in the puppy stage as it‘s easier to train them and you won‘t have the trouble that you would if the dog were older. Once you allow them to jump on other people, it becomes a habit that can be difficult to break when the dog gets older as their behavior pattern is already set. The way to do this is when they try to jump on someone, put their feet back on the floor in a gentle and firm manner. You can reward and encourage them as they continue to obey you. As you are encouraging your pet, you must be at eye level with them. The dog will take you seriously when they see that you are providing direct contact at their level. You can continue to reinforce this as much as you need to.

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