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A video of a terrified homeless dog and his rehabilitation

A very, very scared homeless dog gets rescued and tries to bite his rescuer. Lucky for Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws, he has quick reflexes. Watch what happens next!We have always been amazed by Eldad Hagar’s rescue videos. So many dogs have gotten second chances in life because of his selfless deeds. And once again, he has rescued another poor dog from the streets.

He received a call about a scared, homeless dog. Not only was this dog starving, he was also in poor condition; his hair was dirty and matted. But despite that, you can see that this is one beautiful dog! Eldad and his companion did their best to rescue the scared dog, and when they were finally able to corner him, the dog tried to bite his rescuers. But that didn’t stop Eldad from trying. With some food and a whole lot of love, they were finally able to get to him. Watch the video of the rescue below and see how this dog turned from starving and scared, to healthy, playful, and very loving!

It’s just incredible to watch Eldad work his magic to gain the trust of these frightened dogs! Audrey and Eldad Hagar have been fostering hundreds of animals in their home for the past eight years.  They created Hope for Paws to help animals in this country who suffer and die every year because of negligence and abuse.  They also created a huge network of rescuers from all over the world on their Facebook pages.Eldad wrote “Our fostered animals are a part of our family and are treated as such.  Too often, people undervalue their furry family members and abandon them in their backyards, on the streets or at the shelters.  These animals die from starvation, abuse, and euthanization because of the overcrowding at the shelters.”

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